Refugees: So Many Christs

"Refugees: So Many Christs"

The news yesterday of 39 refugees found dead in the trailer is shocking and sad.

Imagine the desperation of people to risk such horrors to escape apparently worse ones.

Everyone admires and applauds Mother Teresa's vision: "I see Jesus in every human being. I say to myself, this is hungry Jesus. I must feed him. This one is leprosy or gangrene. I must wash him and tend to him. I serve them because I love Jesus."

I'm wondering if people only appreciate this because she went to them to help.

The difference with refugees is they mostly come to us for help.


Apparently, it's best to invade the space of the poor to help them. It's not okay for them to invade ours.

Maybe it comes down to who's got the power and who's in control.

But aren't the scriptures, from the oldest to the newest, clear? Yes, they communicate a unified message:

When someone in need asks for help, we do, because the same was done for us.

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