Reverse Rapture

Reverse Rapture

reverse rapture by nakedpastor david hayward

People are standing naked while their clothes are being raptured up into heaven.

Reverse rapture: when your clothes are taken but you are not.

I make fun of this theology because it was used to scare me shitless as a teenager.

You've seen my cartoon (that's on mugs and tees, etc.) called "Left Behind".

We really were terrified into believing that at any moment the rapture could occur and we'd be left behind.

Many of us have stories of fearing it had happened because we couldn't find out parents. Or something like that.

We even used to prank our friends by leaving our clothes lying around as if we'd been taken and they'd been left behind.

I know many people who are still traumatized over that.

So... I joke about it because humor heals us.

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