Robin Williams, Suicide, and Hell

"Robin Williams, Suicide, and Hell" (cartoon by nakedpastor David Hayward Someone suggested to me that I draw a funny cartoon with Robin Williams in Hell. I thought about it, then concluded that family, friends, and fans of Robin Williams might be hurt by even the suggestion that he was in such a place, funny or not. So this is what I came up with: Robin Williams and God discussing the theological veracity of Hell, or lack thereof. Theology is a man-made discipline. Theology is an articulation of the human mind. Theology says more about us than about God. The invention of Hell is a case in point. What does this tell us about ourselves? I already wrote a post on what kind of mind throws Robin Williams in Hell. All this in response to Matt Walsh's infamous post about Robin Williams' suicide. I've come to the conclusion, for myself, that belief is the greatest barrier to change. This is why Hell will continue existing in the minds of many. I write books! I moderate an online community that really rocks!
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