running to the best show in town

Some churches lose members while others gain the same ones. This is a familiar phenomenon. True organic church growth is preferred but rare. Trading members is the norm. Is even Mark Driscoll's Mars Hill Church no longer publishing its numbers because it doesn't want others to know of its decline and to be no longer recognized as in the top ten? I am aware that my own online community The Lasting Supper could be interpreted as just another show in town that people might choose over others. Personally I don't think so. Even though the community is growing, it is made up of people who are questioning everything, including church, their theology, and, yes, God. Learning spiritual independence requires a brutal honesty. For authentic growth you can't predict where you're going to end up. Unless your goal is to be fully you. Stop huddling with the herd, swimming with the school, and flying with the flock. Find your own spiritual path. We can help you do that.
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