Satan Wants Our Women

satan wants our women cartoon by nakedpastor david hayward

Four men over coffee. The first says, “Ya she was the perfect Christian woman serving in so many ways and then she started in her words ‘deconstructing her beliefs’ then she left her husband and then the church and now she’s not the same person!” The next one says, “Some kind of breakdown.” The next, “Mental health issues.” Then, “Satan wants our women.”


We’re talking about women and their fierce self-love in the face of opposition.

I started talking about deconstruction over 10 years ago.

I noticed something: the most profound stories were from women.

It’s amazing to watch women question their beliefs because interesting things happen.

It’s just as traumatic when men question their beliefs.

But there are different factors when women do.
Especially when they are in conservative social and religious settings.

Because when they start to question their beliefs, this upsets the status quo that women are especially expected to uphold.

These expectations are that they are submissive and subdued, homemakers and family makers, servants and servers, quiet and orderly, well-behaved and respectable women and wives and wonderful church members.

But when deconstruction like a computer virus sets in, not only are the beliefs questioned but the systems that serve and protect these beliefs, from the town to the church to the patriarchy.

So many of my friends who were your typical good Christian wives and church members deconstructed, questioned everything, decided that they wanted to live free, and took the necessary and difficult steps to do so.

Of course, stigma, rumor, and gossip follow them… like they are not the same person or batshit crazy or have mental health issues or deceived.

But they are free and fierce.

I admire every single one of them.

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