Save Me Now Eat Me Later

Save Me Now Eat Me Later

save me now eat me later cartoon by nakedpastor david hayward

Description: A shepherd is carrying back a sheep on his shoulders that he's rescued and the sheep says, "You're only saving me now so you can eat me later."

I do love the sheep and shepherd metaphor so prominent in scripture.

But it does fall short in so many ways.

One of them is that the sheep were used for their wool... which is harmless, healthy, necessary, and never fatal.

But they were also used for their meat, which was always fatal.

I guess this cartoon is a spinoff of that concept.

But it's not entirely non-Biblical either.

For example, Ezekiel had a serious problem with the wicked and false shepherds who neglected, abused, and took advantage of the sheep for their own greedy and selfish purposes.

So there's that.

The sheep in this cartoon has already learned that the shepherd doesn't really care about them. He just cares about satisfying himself and this sheep is needed to do that. 

Have you felt like this?

That you weren't really cared for but being used for some other supposedly purpose?

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