School Girls in Haiti

The team is together. A great bunch of folks. We stuffed ourselves into a small van. My knees scrunched into the seat in front of me. I quickly forgot my discomfort as we drove our way through the center of the devastation of Port au Prince. Images scorched themselves into my mind. The poverty is beyond poor. Garbage and filth everywhere. People trying to live in the midst of it. I was sitting by a window and snapped over 100 photographs. Of all of them, I chose this one to show you. To have seen these young school girls making their way home from school in the midst of the rubble was heartbreaking. While I am overwhelmed with a sense of hopelessness in the face of such ruin, they continue to seek an education... an expression of hope. One of the greatest problems in Haiti is the lack of coordination between people and groups coming in to help. As a result, some supplies are confiscated in order to control the inundation of the confusion of provisions. I also read that Paul Farmer makes a point of meeting with Haitian officials to help somehow coordinate the efforts under some kind of oversight, which impressed me. One of the things I heard from some of the church leaders here in Haiti is that the church is one of the only organizations that is successfully delivering supplies and provisions to groups of people and communities. This is why we are inviting you as individuals or churches or other communities to contribute to this effort. If you want to help churches partner with Haitian churches to help them recover and rebuild, go here to Adventures in Missions churchtochurch project and donate. Thanks.
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