Scrambled Thoughts

A few scrambled thoughts are floating around in my mind. So, in an attempt to exorcise them, I'll write some of them down here:
  1. I don't know how many people have said to me that they can't read my blog AND go to my church. The blog upsets them too much. What does that mean? Does it mean that, even though they know from my blog that my thinking is considered unorthodox and that they have major disagreements with me, they'd rather ignore it and hope it goes away? I suspect that they are not really hearing what I'm saying on Sunday morning because I'm not two different people on my blog and in public.
  2. I agree with Wendell Berry that it is unfortunate for gays and the rest of us that the government has been invited to make a judgment on people's private sexual behavior. It isn't the government's business, so long as the behavior is not abusive to others. The government should support "domestic partnerships" which gives the same legal protections to bachelor brothers or widowed sisters or friends or partners living together as if married. Justice for all is the government's business (Berry, The Way of Ignorance, p. 145).
  3. I have this sense that something is upon me. I explained it to Lisa this way: I feel like I've come to the end of a very long hallway and have arrived at the end. There is a set of doors, and they are about to be opened into something totally and radically new. I'm not sure if I'm to open it or if they are to be opened for me. I'm waiting for clarity. It doesn't feel ominous, but full of love, simplicity, beauty and promise. I shall walk through the door when it opens.
  4. We see things as divided and separate. This is the apparent manifestation. But there is an implied and undivided wholeness to all things and from which all things come. Distinguishing between well-defined parts, such as different kinds of Christianity and even different faiths, is no longer helpful or relevant. Rather, it is love that sees the Oneness from which all things come and to which all things go. The seeming separateness we see and experience is a temporary projection of a deeper, unified reality. It is like signals going through the air, all scrambled and indecipherable. It takes a receiver, such as a television, to unscramble the signal and present a singular and momentous manifestation of the Fullness. We all have different receivers.

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