self-realization & fulfillment

Here s something I m thinking about today. Oswald Chambers said: Jesus teaching is always anti-self-realization (My Utmost For His Highest). Paul said, you have come to fullness in him (Christ) (Colossians 2:9). These two sentences endeavor to articulate a profound mystery. In a culture which prides itself in not only technological advances, not only social, educational, industrial, medical and political advances, but also intellectual, psychological and emotional advances, words like anti-self-realization and concepts like you ve already come to completion in Christ seem either ridiculous or revolutionary. I am surrounded by this culture of ambition, advancement and achievement. I am more than a guilty bystander! Even the church is guilty of sucking up to it and being sucked into it. The church offers advancement; it offers achievement, especially in the personal realm of emotions, private spirituality, intellect and psyche! This is misdirected. There is nothing to be achieved. There is nothing to be gained. If there is a self to be realized, it must die. If there is a fullness to be acquired, it is already accomplished.

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