Shallow Believer

"Shallow Believer" cartoon by nakedpastor David Hayward

The kind of Christianity I was raised in taught me that if you struggled in any way... with sin or suffering... then there was something wrong with your faith.

Funny not funny story: Once I went to a Christian music concert of a musician I enjoyed in my early days and I thought I'd check it out. At the end he asked if anyone was going through a hard time. Raise your hands! I raised my hand. He invited us to come to the front and people will listen to us and pray for us. I did. Once I was up front, standing there with a few others, he informed us that the reason we were having troubles in our lives was because we didn't have faith and we needed Jesus. I needed to get saved! It was too late for me to do anything so I endured the humiliation of standing up front before many people who probably agreed with him that I needed to get saved.

But this illustrates the bad theology that faith or correct beliefs magically replaces sin or suffering.

It's just not true! It's false!

And to believe this is superficial at best and harmful at worst.

It's inhumane.

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