Should we make life more difficult for atheists?

"Pray for Discount" cartoon by nakedpastor David Hayward This is based on a true story. A North Carolina diner gave a 15% discount on your meal if you prayed for it first. The Freedom From Religion Foundation sent a letter threatening legal action because it considers the discount illegal under federal civil rights laws. Annie Laurie Gaylor, of the Freedom From Religion Foundation said that it is illegal "to charge an atheist more than a Christian." This is an excellent example of our our beliefs that we think are good and harmless can actually birth injustices. I know this, not just from observing others, but from observing myself! I remember the days when I felt being an atheist was a direct rebellion against God that invited hardships in this life because they were outside of the blessed kingdom of God. How this works is:
  • If a Christian is suffering, it is either persecution from Satan or the world, or discipline from God to become a better child of the Father.
  • But if an atheist is suffering, it is because they are rebelling against God and have surrendered themselves into the hands of Satan, making their suffering predictable and deserved.
The next step... and it isn't a big one... is to participate in and contribute to the infliction of suffering because it is God's plan or destiny for that person. So the conclusion is atheists SHOULD pay more for their food... maybe because they don't recognize the source of it, respect the care it took to provide it, and aren't grateful for it. In fact, a lot of what is happening in the Middle East has its roots in this kind of thinking. ***UPDATE TO THE STORY HERE
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