Simple Pleasures

This is a picture of my daughter smelling a rose. Casile manipulated the photo herself. I think it is beautiful and shows talent. We miss the simple beauty. We neglect the finer things. We don't stop and smell the roses because we don't even notice the roses.I'm continuing my read of the fascinating collection of essays by the essayist and farmer Wendell Berry called Citizenship Papers. Here's a paragraph:
Last summer my granddaughter, Virginia, who was eleven, put in some long days on the tobacco setter. She was good at it, and all of us are pleased with her. She told her mother: "What is good about hard work is that it teaches you about little pleasures." She said that when the weather was hot and a little breeze came, it made her happy and she was grateful. I think this is something very important to know. I hope that, when the time comes, this knowledge of little pleasures will preserve her from the common assumption that pleasures have to be big, expensive, and dangerous.
Ah... a breeze! I'm going to stop and enjoy it!
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