Sliced by Laodicea

Well it has been a fascinating couple of days. I was featured on Ingrid's Slice of Laodicea blog under her new series, "Meet the Nude Pastors"... I mean, "Meet the New Pastors". At once honored and entertained, I read her review of my blog and the following comments. These comments are not strangers to me, and the people who say these kinds of things aren't strangers to me either. In fact, been there done that got the tee-shirt... probably literally. I consider them brothers and sisters of mine in the broad spectrum of what it means to be a child of God. It isn't correct theology or religious behavior that determines our condition before God. The scriptures are painfully clear on that. Something else is at work, such as grace and love perhaps. I've been telling people lately that when it comes down to deciding between correct theology or unconditional love, chose love, for loving is the correct theology after all. We just don't get that. So, I am a pervert, a child molester, a non-Christian, a human-worshiper, a pornographer, an exhibitionist, an occultist, an apostate unwelcomed in houses and churches, and on and on it goes. As my teenage children say, "Sweeeeeeet!" Here are just two of the sites that think I'm a monster: Slice of Laodicea. Read the comments for an inspiring read. Cover the ears of your children. This one over at Apprising Ministries is a doozy! At some point or another I was vomited as a wolf into the church. These above two are apparently the God- or self-appointed ones who feel "led by God to expose to the light the new breed of worldly pastors". And here are some kinder ones: Smart Pastor. Calls me friend. Mutual! One Thing I Know. He's a pastor who wants to visit our community! I welcome him anytime, as I would Ingrid herself. TheVoiz blog is kind. He tongue-in-cheekingly titles his post "Dirty Pastors and Churches". He takes a more artistic view of my, well, artistic view! Fellow Canadian blogger Jamie discusses nudity and art in context of this SOL frenzy. My friend John over at Microclesia quotes a Switchfoot song in my honor. Thanks John! How artistic. But aren't they played on secular radio? Love to everybody. I've tried to limit my time on my computer this weekend, but SOL messed that plan up. Okay though. It's been an interesting ride! Stay tuned for more naked questionings tomorrow.

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