slugfest between Bieber and Leonard Cohen fans

Bieber fans are young on average. Leonard Cohen fans are not. So when 78 year old Leonard Cohen won Canada's Juno Award for Artist of the Year Sunday night, it came as quite a shock to Bieber fans. Reading the tweets and posts and updates are rather hilarious. Like
"I don't even know who is Leonard Cohen! Whatsoever! I'm really surprised. This doesn't make sense at all!"
"Can't believe Justin didn't win Artist of the Year! Leonard Cohen won. Who the hell is that?!"
"Of course Bieber fans don't know who Leonard Cohen is. They're like 12 years old!"
I don't expect kids to know who Leonard Cohen is even though he's one of the greatest singer songwriters of all time. Who hasn't heard or sung, and what movie director hasn't used, his classic "Hallelujah"? I'm sure Bieber had heard of him. I'm Canadian and I'm proud of the music Canada's providing to the world. Very proud. So keep going Leonard Cohen! And you too Justin Bieber! Thanks to Arman Kazemi's CBC news article for the info.
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