Snow Flakes and Role Play

This morning I got up early to paint. I'd already had the coffee pot set to have my coffee ready and waiting for me when I got up at 5:55 am. Pitch black out! But the light from the kitchen revealed huge white flakes of snow falling. My daughter Casile was ecstatic! I took a couple of shots of her going down the driveway to catch her bus. I tried to capture the size and beauty of the flakes.

I have no interest in maintaining an organization. By now in my life (I just turned 50), I have no energy for trying to be something. I'm not interested in our church trying to become something or accomplish something. When I go home, I like to be with my family, sit down together over a meal, talk about the good, the bad and the ugly in our lives, watch a movie maybe or some TV, maybe see some friends, and sleep with my wife. That's about it.

I've been thinking about roles. I don't ask Jesse to please act like a good son. What the heck does that mean? I let him be who he is, and his particular and vastly interesting style of sonship emerges out of that. High risk high dividends. I don't ask Casile to be a good daughter. I don't ask her to act like a girl. I don't ask my friend to please act straight. And if I should ever, ever tell Lisa that she needs to act like a good wife, "DECEASED" will appear across everything I do. So I don't expect people to behave like good Christians. It's an insult to who they already are. I don't require our community to be presentable as a good church. It's an insult to what it already is. And I can't believe how offensive it is to so many.

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