Some Links to Some Collaborators

I want to link back to some people who've said some very nice things about this blog, and I want to return the favor by linking back to them:William Lehman over at decloned has been so inspired by my "nakedness" (I hear that a lot!) and my cartoons that he's going to embark on his own cartoon endeavor. Congrats William, and thanks for the compliment! Jimmy Shaw over at Fluid Faith says: "A brief but powerful post from nakedpastor who talks about the challenges of being both a critic of official Christianity and institutional church as well as being a full-time professional pastor." Brief but powerful. Nice compliment! Moomin Light says about nakedpastor: "as a pastor and also a musician, artist, and writer, he has an interesting and unique point of view." Thanks! "Progressive Seventh-Day Adventists" had a guest atheist on their blog, Richard Harty, who mentioned naked pastor here. He thought I posted an "excellent summary of living with not knowing." Thanks Richard! Anyway, that's enough for now. Thanks everyone. There are so many people out there who love the cartoons, art, and posts on nakedpastor. Some have even expressed their appreciation through donating to the site (presently through my "Buy Nakedpastor A Beer" campaign.) It is put to good use. My son Jesse is graduating this week, so life's kinda hectic right now. I'll keep trying to post the daily cartoons and thoughts, so stay tuned and keep checking in.

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