sometimes trying to be helpful to women isn't

It's this kind of thing that really pisses me off. Someone alerted me that this image was being used on a Facebook page, One Million Vaginas. I contacted them and they appear to have taken it down. I don't blame OMV, but the creator of this idiotic and misogynist meme. I even contacted imgflip but they were unable to help me find it amongst there millions of images. Not their fault either. It's the creator I'm after. But it is a mystery to me why some feminist sites like it. The problem isn't that they use my original art, Sophia "Trapped". The problem is that they alter it without my permission, which is strictly against copyright laws. But that isn't what really pisses me off. The real problem is that in an attempt to advocate for women they actually demean them. Let me explain. Anybody with any sense at all should realize what this caption means. It doesn't mean that it is terrible that women are hated within religion. That would be a decent discussion. No! It means that women are stupid for being religious. It means that if a woman is in a situation where she is hated, it is her own stupidity that put her there where she essentially subjects herself to hatred and abuse. In a nutshell, it victimizes the victims. It blames the victims for being hated and abused. It blames Sophia for being there because she is within Christianity. So the meme is not for women because it is against religious women. A good feminist advocates for all women, not just non-religious ones. Some shallow-minded individual thought they he or she was being smart and showed their true disdain for women who are religious and therefore deserve everything they get. I just wanted to make that clear. If you ever come across this meme I would appreciate your support for my art as well as for women and ask them to remove it. Thanks. That would be cool. *** By the way, all my artwork, including my Sophias, paintings, cartoons and prints are 40% for a little while longer. You can even get a print of Sophia "Trapped" if you want! Go here to shop! Use the coupon code "graduate" (because my wife just graduated from university with her nursing degree)!
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