Sophia and Being Steadfast

Sophia "Steadfast" drawing by nakedpastor David Hayward


You can also buy THE LIBERATION OF SOPHIA... with 59 drawings and meditations! Here's the meditation for this drawing, "Steadfast": STEADFAST The hardest thing for me to do was to remain steadfast. To keep my feet on my own path was sometimes nearly impossible. I was ready to quit as many times as I was ready to move on. I'm not sure if my resolve is sandwiched between my indecision or if my indecision is sandwiched between my resolve. In the end it didn't matter because I did stand my ground. I remained steadfast. Here I stand before a rhinoceros, an immovable mass. But with just the slightest gesture I stand my ground. I touch his nose. So many things tried to dissuade me, discourage me, disparage me, distract me. Family. Friends. Fears. Finances. You name it. Sometimes, like this small child, I felt like I was all alone in all the universe, and that I had to resist, every day, every temptation, to give up, to let the weight of the world crush me. Once you embark on this road, there can be no turning back. And there can be no turning aside. I realized that once I set my face like a flint towards my own Jerusalem, I had to keep my focus, keep my bearings, and keep my feet upon my path. To go back would have killed me. To turn aside would have derailed me. I wouldn't have become the me that I am. And always was. To abort my mission was not an option. I stood my ground! I am steadfast. And steadfast still.
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