Sophia: freedom makes free

ALL MY SOPHIAS, originals and prints, ARE 40% OFF UNTIL VALENTINE'S DAY! USE THE COUPON CODE "loveis" TO GET INCREDIBLE DEALS ON THE SOPHIA YOU ALWAYS WANTED! CLICK HERE! When you've been set free, as Sophia has, and once it has sunk in, and once you have learned how to live in it, and once you realize how near everyone is to realizing their own freedom, then you will do your part to release others. In fact, it will be automatic. I have noticed something: when others see you living liberated, talking liberated, it will either drive them deeper into their self-imposed bondage where it is more secure and comfortable for them, or it will beckon them out of their bonds to enjoy their own freedom which is frightening at first but exhilarating in time. Isn't it strange? The corral that was holding in these horses... any horse could crash through the flimsy cedar poles or jump them altogether. But the fence possesses a power over their minds and they are tricked into thinking they are trapped. Sophia comes along and gives them what they already had. They run the plains wild and free. Where they belong. How about you?
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