Sophia "Might" PRINT

Sophia "Might" PRINT

Sophia Might drawing by nakedpastor David Hayward

Description: A small young woman stands in front of a charging herd of elephants. She raises her staff and they stop.

The meditation:


Oh the strength!
The strength that is within me.
I can do all things.

Not by might. Not by power. But by spirit!
It's not like it's my might.
It's when I'm in touch with what is true,
with what is spirit,
that this might courses through me.

I will not lay claim to this power.
But it has laid claim to me.

I dreamed I had a staff. Like Moses'. I didn't part a sea, but I stopped a herd of elephants. I stopped giants in their tracks. I know how unreasonable it sounds. I know how dangerous it looks. Careless. Death-defying.

I've heard that it is not the darkness within us that we fear, but the light. We are frightened by our own light. We are afraid to shine our light to those around us. We shrink back, intimidated by our light and the effect it has on the world. We are afraid of our own power.

You see me there, so small in the face of such a moving mass.
But I trusted in the sense of spirit that reverberates within me.

It took a lot of courage for me to escape.
Then to separate myself.
Then to distinguish myself.

Some thought I was being a fool.
Some thought my risks were senseless.
Some thought I had lost my mind.
Some thought I had betrayed the holy.

True. The change in me was cataclysmic. It quaked the earth beneath my feet and those near me felt it rumble.

The change in me changed everything around me. The world changed.

And I proved that when I am in touch with spirit I can do all things.
I proved it. I can change. I can bring change. I can do all things.

I live in a transformed and transforming world.

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