Sophia Saturday "Conquer"

My daughter Casile refuses to allow me to put clothes on Sophia. "She has to be naked!" she exclaims. Deep down I agree. Even though Sophia has experienced victimization to the extreme, she has made an important decision: she's not going to see herself as a victim, but as a conqueror. Some people complain that I enjoy criticizing the church and religion for sport. They claim that I am stuck in my victimization, nursing my wounds and swimming in bitterness and resentment. I disagree. True, I have experienced being a victim. Sure, I have been wounded. Indeed, I have harboured bitterness and resentment, even anger. I won't deny that. I am human and will feel these things. But don't mistake my going back into the game as bitter cowardice. Instead, why not look at it as me challenging that which nearly destroyed me? Why not see all this, like Sophia, as facing danger, taking on the beast, and maybe even attempting to tame it? Why not consider that I love this and care enough about it that I want to engage it in transformative ways? I'm not saying the church is a man-eating shark. But it certainly does behave like one sometimes. It also doesn't mean that it eats every person. But it certainly has eaten some. It is dangerous. This must be addressed. I would like to conquer this. Who's with me?
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