Sophia Saturday: "escape" there's always a way out

There's always a way out. There have been many crucial times in my life when I have felt completely trapped. Those have been the most distressing times, depressing, hopeless and despairing. No matter which way I looked, I could see no light, find no door or window, detect no other alternatives. Then suddenly, usually in a dream, a way is opened up to me. And in every case, this is what it looked like: I am not trapped! Simple as that! I went to bed imprisoned. I woke up a free man. Nothing externally had changed. But internally everything changed. Just like Sophia here, she discovers a route that has been there the whole time, right under her feet. All it took was an ounce of courage, determination and a little bit of planning to make her escape. I would wake up from these dreams realizing that the greatest jailor of my entrapment was my own fear my fear of making a difficult choice of walking away from my prison and its guardians and into my own liberated future. I receive emails every day from people feeling trapped. I read their stories that are so similar to mine. Their fears are identical: the fear of unemployment; the fear of losing community, friends and even family; the fear of rejection; the fear of not being adequately educated or trained for a new life, vocation or job; the fear of losing their faith, backsliding, or even becoming an atheist; the fear of going crazy; the fear of the unknowable future; the fear of innumerable things. As one who has experienced this many times and walked, I can testify that it can be done. I escaped. I am a free man. You can do it. Do you want to invite me to speak? Or do you just need to talk? Just email me to set up a time. My fees are reasonable and adjustable. Check out my books and my gallery.
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