Sophia "Suspended" Hoodie, etc...


Sophia "Suspended" Hoodie by nakedpastor David Hayward

If you love Sophia ("The Liberation of Sophia" book is on Amazon), here's "Suspended" on a hoodie!

This is the meditation I wrote to accompany this image.


At times I didn't know whether I was dead or alive.
I was suspended somewhere between them.
Suspended between death and life.

Somehow I knew I wasn't fully conscious. Yet.
Somehow I knew I wasn't fully unconscious. Anymore.
Like sleep.

The problem with being suspended is that it is full of suspense. Day after day after day I lived in a kind of stupor. I felt like I could sleep forever. Exhausted! Fatigued. I knew the acute intensity of my journey was the main contributing factor. I knew I had to move on but I had no strength to do it. I wasn't dead. But I wasn't alive either.

It was my three days in the tomb.
Or thirty.
Or three-hundred.

What do you do in the in-between places?
What do you do between life and death?
What do you do… in a tomb?

Rest. Wait. Sleep.

I was no longer a captive. But I had not yet fully grown into my freedom. I didn't know how to do it. I didn't know how to do freedom.

But I knew it would come. I knew that this long, groggy period of suspension would eventually end.

I knew the stone would be rolled away. I knew the grave clothes would be unwrapped. I knew I would be fully alive. Finally!

But I had to rest.
I had to wait.

So I decided to grant myself the fatigue.
I made myself rest.
I made myself wait.

I was full of suspense.
But I knew I would be full of surprise.


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