Sophia "Escape": Make Your Escape!

"Sophia Trapped" drawing by nakedpastor David Hayward

Make Your Escape 

Many feel trapped, living under the control of others.

  1. I shouldn't: Some stay in bad situations. It’s sinful to leave the church, a spouse, a bad job. But when they do, they see they were being controlled. Once you’re free, you realize the rules were made to maintain stability. You should have peace, freedom, and independence.
  2. I can't: Some are so oppressed they've lost strength to escape. But strength comes once you start the path to freedom. Hopelessness and strength come from different wells. When you decide to be free, strength comes. I know it!
  3. I won't: Some think the cost is too great. People stay in bad situations for the trade-offs. When I left a ministry, I sacrificed salary, friends, and purpose. The perks were nice. But what freedom offers is better. Feed yourself good food instead of being fed bad food. You’ll know you did the right thing.
  4. I wish: Some can't see how to escape. Sophia finds a trap door. What if you find a trap door? Your oppressor made you so dependent that you can't imagine life without them. I felt so trapped I got depressed. But a trap door opened. The next day I was free. Freedom is your right. It manifests when you look for it. 
  5. I'm scared: Freedom is scary. Controllers want you to think you can’t live without them. They talk about those who escaped only to end up in the arms of Satan, an abusive lover, alone, or unemployed. Once you’re free you realize the threats were empty.

    Your freedom will be delicious!

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