spiritually displaced is not unspiritual

Last week I wrote a post on spiritual refugees (people who have left the church and experience feelings of spiritual homelessness) and spiritually displaced persons (those who are still within the church and experience it as unhealthy for them but feel trapped at the same time). This is who I care about. We are all free people. Whether we've left the institution or remain within it. We are all free. What's important to remember is that, just like a refugee or an internally displaced person, they never lose their identity. Let's say someone has fled Serbia as a refugee and has a brother remaining in Serbia who is afraid of his own safety. Does this make them any less Serbian? No, not at all. The same if you are a spiritual refugee or a spiritually displaced person: you are no less Christian, no less a believer, and no less spiritual... unless of course you want to willingly surrender these identities. If you have left the church or have found it mainly harmful and have experienced, as a result of your beliefs, opinions or attitudes, rejection from the institution and its leaders and members, this does not make you valueless. In fact, it could be argued that you are healthier for taking your stand and making your move.
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