stake your claim claim your state

You finally have to make your stand. The war of attrition against your individual spirituality has taken its toll. One more day and you will lose this war. You must come out! You must stake your claim. You must claim your state!

I've done it several times, to the dismay and disappointment of people I've loved and who have loved me. My parents. My grandparents. My siblings. My friends. My parishioners. My churches. My readers. I've had to come out, finally, and tell them who I was. Spiritually. Theologically. Intellectually.

They have been traumatic times. But I had to claim my state. The ramifications were almost always a break. Some temporary. Some permanent. But always, apparently, necessary for me to be who I am.

I might not be at peace with everyone as a result. From their end. But I am at peace with myself. With my own conscience. And with my own sense of The Blessed.

Stake your claim. Claim your state. You know you must. It's been calling you for a while now.

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