Still Afraid of the Hell You Don't Believe In?

"Still Afraid of Hell" cartoon by David Hayward

I remember nights like this. It happens to those of us who dare progress beyond our beliefs into a deeper stage of wisdom where peace of mind is enjoyed. It's a difficult process because beliefs can so enmesh themselves in our brains that it becomes cellular, and it can take a while for the residue of these beliefs to wash away. Know what I'm talking about? A good friend of mine died yesterday, Chris McGill. Just 43 years old. He was one of the founding members of The Lasting Supper. We're really going to miss him there because he displayed what it's like to survive traumatic spiritual growth. I was honored to help him through the difficult spiritual transition we call deconstruction... where he transcended his previous beliefs and moved into a higher stage of peace and acceptance. He died in a good place. I'm confident of this. This is where I really love helping people. If this resonates with you and you would like my help, email me and we'll set up a free call.
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