Stop Being a Jerk!

This is a strange time in my household. My second child and son Jesse has moved to a nearby city to start his B.A. studies. We're down to one child in the house... our 16 year old daughter Casile.

But that's not all. My beautiful and courageous wife Lisa has decided to quit her job and start her own studies. She began her B.A. studies today and intends on getting her B.N. to be a nurse! She's going as a mature student, and her feelings of nervousness mix well with her feelings of adventure and excitement. Mine too! I admire her going after something she's wanted for so long. She's thought about it once in a while, but after so many years and even decades, she's decided to go for it!

It has brought about a measure of peace in my own heart. I've always felt Lisa was my island of reality in my boisterous sea of confusion. She's always been like my anchor, my mooring, while I drifted off here and there wondering what I was going to do when I grew up. I've always had the luxury of struggling with my vocation because of her stability. Now it's her turn to be curious, explore and discover. It's her turn to wrestle and struggle with her vocation and fathom her own depths. Suddenly I feel, honestly, like I have to stop being a jerk and rest in the somewhat favorable conditions I find myself in. It's like I wrote the other day about tilling the garden... it's okay to be a gardener. It's okay to farm and till the soil I find myself responsible for... because I'm not just responsible for myself, but for my wife and children and this community that I pastor. I've come to realize that I am my brother's keeper... and my wife's.

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