success or failure?

Here s a thought: It was the inscrutable way of God to win his victories more often by the death of martyrs than by the agency of champions who lived out their span (Edith Simon, Luther Alive, p. 8 ). I agree with this. It throws into question all of our plans, strategies, and predictions, doesn t it? Our estimation of the worth of someone or something is challenged by such proclamations as these. Even Chambers devotional today contained this statement: Jesus Christ s life was an absolute failure from every standpoint but God s (My Utmost For His Highest). The cross is the greatest manifestation of this truth. We really don t know. We really don t understand. We really don t have a clue. Let's not be impressed with success. Let's not be depressed by failure. All our thoughts, intentions and actions must be buttressed by the kind of humility that acknowledges our limitations as well as our incredible possibilities from God's point of view.

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