suffering and the respect for life

We just passed the one year anniversary of Japan's devastating earthquake, tsunami and resulting nuclear accident. But we still hear and read and experience suffering in all kinds of manifestations. The suffering can be anything from some kind of horrible tragedy to something like chronic depression. It comes in all kinds of forms. Lately, I'm impressed with the suffering people for who they are... the suffering of being victims of racism and genocide. And other racisms, such as sexism... of women for being women or for gays for being gay... people suffering because of who they are.
Blessing the life in someone usually requires a deep respect for their uniqueness, an openness to allowing them to uncover who they are rather than shaping them into who we want or need them to be. We cannot strengthen someone and violate their integrity at the same time. Innately, blessing life confers a greater freedom on those we bless (Remen).
Those with a religious or spiritual agenda cannot appreciate the above quote. They would see it as too willy-nilly and permissive... even licentious. I do not. I claim this is the only way to find peace in this world, harmony between us, and love overall. In fact, I consider this is an excellent definition of a pastor. Get my art! Get my books!
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