Sunsets & Ideological Caution

The night before last Lisa and I carried our cups of hot tea down to the beach to watch the sun set. Lisa got chilly so I wrapped my sweater around her. We had a few moments conversation, but then silence fell upon us as the majesty of the setting sun impressed itself upon us. The air started to cool as the light and heat of the sun diminished. The variety of clouds spread across the sky as though they were painted there by a skilled artist's hand. And the colors. How magnificent. It was as if the sun was delighted... not only in how glorious itself was, but how glorious it made everything else. No words needed to be spoken. A respectful and silent benediction was the only appropriate posture. It was as beautiful as possible. Nothing could be changed for the better.

It is dangerous to fall in love with any system that intends to bring people to a certain goal. Soon enough you discover that people don't always comply, and you get angry. Violence results. This is not love. Distrust programs. Be suspicious of agendas. Do not cherish any ideology. Abhor charting other people's courses. You can't even chart your own!

The photograph was taken by me on that night.

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