Superbowl Church!

Superbowl Church!

If I get any facts wrong, it's because I don't know tons about football. But the other night I was watching some preview stuff on TV for the Superbowl. The commentators were saying that the Superbowl is getting to be less and less about the actual game, which totals one hour of playing time, and more and more about the sponsors, commercials, half-time show, money spent and made all around the game, personalities, coaches, and the entire TV show package. The entire Superbowl show seems to be about 10 hours long, if not more. There seems to be way more coverage of the personalities involved, including Prince, the two coaches, and we're still talking about Janet's nipple! I actually heard one commentator, after describing all the time, effort and money that was going into the show, say, "Oh, and then there's the game!"

Which reminded me immediately of church. Again, about 10% of what we do is actual content! Roughly 90% of the time, effort and money goes into the things that 90% don't matter to the actual thing.

Funny though... I'm still watching the show and don't really care who wins. What's up with that?

The photograph is taken with permission from my friend Jorgen Klausen's "Mask" series.

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