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Woe to You Shepherds! As a pastor, I constantly felt the stern warning of the prophet Ezekiel breathing down my neck: “Woe to you shepherds who destroy and scatter the sheep of my pasture!” Here’s the thing: many pastors and churches feel that allowing LGBTQ people in destroys the church. They genuinely and sincerely feel that they will defile the flock. So they make it their business to exclude them… or at the most ruminate, consider, vote, study, vacillate, procrastinate, and equivocate forever while the LGBTQ people wait outside the fold. I always thought this verse a little later on…...

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Remember the people who couldn't get pizza served to them because they were a same-sex couple? I immediately drew this image of Christ serving us pizza. And "the pizza Christ" sounds like "the peace of Christ"... a blessing that everyone is eligible for. Check out all our stickers HERE.

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