tee-shirt idea: Walk on Water

snapshot-2008-09-18-16-38-25.jpg Here is another tee-shirt idea. I call it "Walk on Water", an encouragement to believe in miracle. I personally don't believe in an intervening God... a God that shows up when we need him and disappears when we don't. I believe in miracle in the sense that everything is miracle, that God is so interwoven in our world and life that it is all miraculous. The very special times when we conclude God has intervened are actually moments when our blinders have been taken off and we see what has always been. What we call a "miracle" is actually, in my opinion, an intersection of God's constant activity and our comprehension of it. So these tee-shirts are already available HERE at very reasonable prices in an assortment of sizes, colors and styles. Please buy one, or some of my other designs might strike your fancy instead.

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