telling your story: an invitation to intimidation

"Invitation to Intimidation" cartoon by nakedpastor David Hayward Get a delicious print of this cartoon HERE. Someone suggested to me the other day that my spirit animal might be the Honey Badger. That would be a compliment. When are some people going to realize that the harder you try to get me to shut up the louder I'm going to get? My experience and observation of many strong leaders is that fear, intimidation and bullying is one of their supremest spiritual gifts. From the dark side. I still get communications from people trying to intimidate me into shutting up and getting others to shut up. Whenever such people invite you to honestly share your opinion about them, be very careful. If you say anything negative about them, even framed as constructive criticism, they will attempt to destroy you and your testimony. I know. One leader even got physically aggressive with me when he invited me to tell him what my problem was with him. I said, "I find you overbearing sometimes!" He took this as an invitation to hit back, but lethally. This not only happens in the church, but in the business world, the education world, the healthcare world... you name it. When authority asks for your opinion about them, you're swimming into shark infested waters. What kind of intimidations have been used against me lately? Here are just a few of them.
  1. I'm a stupid opportunist because I don't know what I'm talking about and just want traffic.
  2. I'm going to get sued.
  3. I'm will have to restore lost revenue for some people.
  4. My blog is going to be hacked.
  5. I will lose friends.
  6. I won't be able to get anyone to endorse my book.
  7. I am going to be exposed as a liar and a fraud.
  8. My reputation will be ruined.
  9. I will never get a speaking engagement.
  10. My secret sins will be exposed for all the world to see.
I've received" threats like this before. Many times actually. And so have many of my friends. Even to this day. All this because I tell my story. All this because I provide places for people to tell theirs.
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