That Mexican Thing and the "MexiChrist"

Last night in the Vice-Presidential debate, Pence said "You whipped out that Mexican thing again!"I turned to my wife and said, "You watch! That will trendright away!" I drew this drawing to contemplate on the theological idea that the spirit of Christ abides in all people. Including this Mexican worker and his family. I made his straw hat look like a halo. I drew the crown of thorns to point to his struggle and suffering. I drew the round orange to represent his work but also his contribution to the wholeness of humanity. I drew his kids in the protection of his love. But there is a bit of fear in their eyes. The fear of separation. Here's what I wrote about the drawing: "This is a drawing of a Mexican immigrant worker. He's holding an orange that he's harvested for his employer. He's got a family. You can see his wedding ring. You can see his two children. A boy and a girl. The father is afraid. He is very worried. He's been a hard worker for so many years and his family is just starting to enjoy the kind of life he dreamed of years ago. But that might end as soon as November. But his two children are afraid too. They were born in the USA. They are hiding because they heard at school today that this doesn't matter. Their mom and dad are going to be sent back to Mexico, where they came from twelve years ago. They may be going too. They don't know."
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