that moment you decide to leave the church

"Leaving the Church" cartoon by nakedpastor David Hayward Does this cartoon strike a chord? Buy a print of it HERE! You see, people leave the church for many reasons. Sometimes it's over theological disagreements. Sometimes it's because they've been hurt. Sometimes it's because they don't feel accepted and don't fit in. Sometimes it's just because it feels like there's no life in it anymore. Like Sarah here. There's no animosity. No anger. No hard feelings. She just feels this strange feeling that it's done. I remember the day this happened for me. Actually, it was night. I was a pastor of a Vineyard church. It was becoming somewhat clear that I and the church were no longer compatible. On this evening I met with friends from the church who, up to this point, were very supportive. But we had a meeting in which they expressed concerns. During their presentation my heart sank, and I just knew my time was up. I left the meeting that night almost five years ago in the same place Sarah is in this cartoon. On the one hand it was devastating. On the other hand I never felt so liberated. I texted Lisa, I'm done!" She texted back, Me too!" And that was it. Within weeks I left the pastorate as well as the church. Do you remember the moment you were done? Or are you still waiting for it? Or did you have a moment where you decided to give it one more shot? We talk about this stuff all the time at" The Lasting Supper. I welcome you! CLICK HERE!
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