review of 10 best blogs for me in 2006 & why

I just started blogging this year and have learned lots from many. I ve even started another blog on the artful life. But here are the top 10 that helped me the most:
  1. for blog-wisdom: problogger. Thanks Darren for being my blogguru!
  2. for edgy humor: hands down gapingvoid. Thanks Hugh for the voice from the edge, challenging my status quos and inspiring edgy thinking!
  3. for colorful commentary: pergatorio. Thanks Marc for a pictorial critique of the best and the worst of evangelicalism.
  4. for personal accessibility: rebeccawrites. Thanks Rebecca for so skillfully communicating your sweet personality through the pages of your blog.
  5. for cartoon confidence: chewingpencils. Thanks Matt for inspiring me to start cartooning and to keep it up!
  6. for flow-of-crazy-consciousness: abeautifulrevolution. Thanks Andre for just being weird and unashamed.
  7. for the best tee-shirts: Tcritic. Thanks Karl for discovering and displaying the worst and the best tee-shirts out there!
  8. for mac info: applegazette. Thanks gazette for keeping this mac-lover and user in the know!
  9. for biting critique: huffingtonpost. Thanks Arianna for reminding us that honesty and transparency are important and necessary!
  10. for canadiana: matthewgood. Thanks Matt for your music as well as your cultural commentary from our unique Canadian perspective.
this list is composed as a part of a competition taking place over at problogger. take a look for other entries.

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