the agony and ecstasy of releasing your beliefs

.I read this book when it first came out and found that it reflected my own insight following that dream I had. It was a joy to read because it reflected my own discovery and experience. Here's a quote from Moorjani:
"When I step into the realm of ambiguity I'm really at my most powerful. Letting go of all previous beliefs, disbeliefs, dogma, and doctrines puts the infinite universe at my disposal and works to give me the best possible outcome for my life. This is where I receive the most internal clarity. It's where magic happens."
This is something we talk a lot about at The Lasting Supper. In fact, we've talked about Moorjani's book and her ideas. It's wonderful to be able to talk about these things and express our own agonies and ecstasies as we journey towards our own spiritual health and independence. Will you join us?
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