the bible and magical thinking

What came first? The magical thinking or the bible? Do our minds crave magic and we use the bible to substantiate this? Or did the bible encourage us to start thinking magically?

Actually it's not a very good question because the bible was written by men. Ancient men from ancient cultures where magic was just as much a part of the intellectual landscape as it is today, if not more so. No... actually I don't think any more so because we still think magically.

True liberation from this magical thinking and using the bible to support it comes when we realize that, first of all, we are thinking magically, and second, that the bible if read a certain way supports a magical worldview.

When will we stop looking to the bible for permission to believe what we know to be true? You can't argue with Reality. Reality always wins. The debates that continue to look for validation in the bible are hopelessly trapped in magical thinking.

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