the bible's role in the deconstruction of belief

Everything, my whole life, suddenly became very unstable and terrifying. My parents were visiting from Toronto, and Lisa's parents and grandmother were visiting from Alabama. We were all stuffed into our tiny one-bedroom apartment getting ready to go to my graduation ceremony. I was literally freaking out. Everything I ever believed was in crisis! IT was like I had a tidy sturdy stack of blocks and one of the bottom ones supporting the whole stack‚ the inspiration and infallibility of scripture‚ had been pulled out. I could feel absolutely everything about my world getting ready to crumble into a confusing and complicated heap. Lisa literally grabbed me and shook me and told me to calm down and that I had to get it together because I was graduating in just one hour. Somehow it jolted me out of my panic and I calmed down enough to go through with the motions of my graduation." I would probably pinpoint this moment as the beginning of my deconstruction. So many years ago! It was like a destructive virus entered my theological system and slowly but surely compromised the integrity of my beliefs. It wasn't until decades later that" it came to full fruition. How about you? Do you identify with this? What would you pinpoint as the beginning of your deconstruction? This is the kind of stuff we talk about at The Lasting Supper. Won't you join us? We offer a 30 day money-back guarantee so that you can just try it out and see what it's like!
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