The Church Did a Bad Thing

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The Church Did a Bad Thing

the church did a bad thing cartoon by nakedpastor david hayward

Description: First frame someone says, "Hey the Church did a good thing" and churches hug each other with pride. Next someone says, "Hey the Church did a bad thing” and the churches point at one in blame.


Some feel the need to defend the Church when I critique what’s seriously wrong with it.

You know: “Not all churches!”

They insist the Church isn’t all bad and that there are good ones. The Church improved the world, built culture, hospitals, schools, literature, etcetera.

But as soon as a serious issue with the Church is exposed, they say “Not all Churches!”

It’s a cop-out.

The Church has done some good. And it prides itself in these.

But the Church has also committed atrocities. But it blames A church rather than THE Church.

White people have done some good. But we also created racism against People of Color.

Men have done some good. But men also created rape culture.

When a white person claims “Not all white people”, they don’t hesitate praising whiteness for good things, but refuse to blame whiteness for the bad.

When a man claims, “Not all men”, he doesn’t hesitate bragging about the accomplishments of men, but refuses to blame man for rape culture.

The Church needs to own up as a system, a principality and a power, and stop sacrificially throwing its own local churches under the bus rather than taking responsibility not only for the good it’s done but for the damage it’s done also.

I don’t expect critics of white supremacy to include disclaimers about the greatness of whiteness to protect fragile white people.

I don’t expect critics of toxic masculinity to periodically console fragile men.

We know not all churches, but you can expect me to continue critiquing it.

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