The Church, Money, and Relationships

The Church, Money, and Relationships

"The Church, Money, and Relationship" cartoon by nakedpastor David Hayward

A pastor in a church surrounded by dollar signs and evidence of wealth and tithes and offerings says, "Our priority here is relationship."

I always advise people to trust your gut.

You should when it comes to your personal life... like, "Hm... I don't think I trust that guy!"

It should be the same with your spiritual life... like, "Hm... I don't think they're being honest!"

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Yeah. One of the reasons I’m not a pastor is that I don’t dress in a way that a banker would accept.
Sorry, folks, but I can’t find that in the Greek testament.
Guys can dress in cargo shorts but the women have to dress in suits? No way. Sexism AND plutocracy? Neither one was taught by Jesus

Silke Force

David, I want to say “THANK YOU!” for your delightful site and telling it like it is. You say so many things I had wanted to say when I did attend Church. I was with the First Nazarene Church and, although the parishioners were wonderful. the last two Pastors I had were micromanagers. They were very critical of who I had for friends, even those in the congregation. I was in the Navy and made friends with a number of people and the pastors didn’t find the friendships appropriate for one reason or another … they were too young, divorced with children, etc.. One was engaged ( Her fiancee was a Marine and a bunch of us would all hang out together. ) and the Pastor didn’t think I should be over at her home when he wasn’t there. She lived with her parents and we would all collect at their home until her guy arrived from work. ) Anyway, I stopped attending and had my feelings of guilt assuaged by the Catholic Chaplain on the aircraft carrier I was assigned to a few years later. His office was right behind the ship’s library and when he was going to or from his office, he.d sit down with you if you were new to him and get to know you. ( He had an amazing memory for personal information. He’d see me in a passageway a month or two later and would smile and say, "Drescher …V-4 Division and you’re from New Jersey, right? ) Bullseye! Anyway, the first time we talked, he asked about my faith and I told him I was a Protestant, but I hadn’t attended for several years. When I explained, I expected the full court press to start attending again. Instead, he asked, “Do you believe in God?” When I said that I did and that I had been saved six years before, he simply said, “Just talk to God. He listens no matter where you are.” That was 45 years ago and I still miss that man and his Catholic jokes. I talk to God all the time, gor the big niceties and the small ones like keeping the light green just long enough for me to cross the intersection. And for a nice breeze coming through the window by my computer. Winning an impossible shot while playing a video game. The cats doing all the weird things that cats do. So many little pleasant things during the day, and I always look up and whisper, “Thank You!”

Thank You, David, for saying so many things in regards to organized religion that I saw.

Ray Drescher Jr.

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