The Clandestine Christ

I created a motto I live by: What is real remains; what is false falls away.

With the rise of fundamentalism we are, I trust, witnessing the rise of equality for all. After all, that's what fundamentalism is: a reactionary response to what it fears, can't control, and hates which begins defensively but often ends offensively.

Rather than assuming the old method of working within the system to affect change, many completely bypass established systems to create alternative lifestyles and communities. They give themselves the permission they used to seek from authorities to be and have what they want and need. It is a fierce and defiant independence unleashing its power.

There is a subversive, clandestine movement whose freedom the fearful mistake for lawlessness. But this movement no longer recognizes or respects those laws that are at least unfair and at worst oppressive.

Freedom, justice and equality for all!

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