the dangers of a girl with an opinion

"A Girl With an Opinion" cartoon by nakedpastor David Hayward I apologize if the word "girl" offends some of you. But I wanted to include actual girls... young females... in the equation because it does start when they are girls! There are many girls and women who have found and are using their voices. It has been a battle for them. But I know many who have experienced exactly what this cartoon portrays. It is a battle for them! I'm on their side. I have a daughter as well as two sons and I know the double standard that exists for boys and girls. I have to fight it all the time. My wife and daughter both say I'm doing pretty well, but I have to admit that sometimes I slip into the status quo of the prevailing attitudes toward girls and women and how to relate to them as well as how to treat them. The two standards do exist, and until we admit it we will be blindly trapped in its power and enable this double standard and continue to demean girls and women. Would you like to hang out with a lot of women with opinions? Join The Lasting Supper! Buy a print of this cartoon HERE.
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