the fall of Bob Coy and the rise of gay pastors

"Gays in Ministry" by nakedpastor David Hayward Boy Coy resigns his Florida mega-church due to moral failure. I do not judge him. But because of his success, charisma, and gifts as a pastor, I do wonder when the process of restoration will begin and conclude with him returning to the ministry. Again, I'm not judging here. Just noticing a trend. I know that many will argue back that there's a difference between an incident of moral failure and a lifestyle of moral failure. But I think that line is getting fuzzier. I do not believe homosexuality is sin. Even to say that compromises my thoughts on it. If certain pastors can continually get away with questionable, inappropriate and even harmful behavior while continuing their ministries, or leaving them for a season of restoration only to return full steam, all "for the sake of the gospel", then the argument against gays in ministry gets thinner. It's becoming more obvious to me that it is a bias. newsletter    art     community     books
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