The False Humility of Not Being Amazing

For those of us who grew up in conservative religious contexts, being able to say we are amazing wasn't just difficult, it was forbidden. We were taught that we were unworthy of love. We were depraved, despicable sinners destined for destruction. Even after we got "saved" we were to never forget this default identity. To be self-confident, proud of ourselves, aware of our amazingness, acknowledging our value, was paramount to the arrogance of Satan before he fell. The person who was most down on himself was the most applauded. It's a false humility. There's something terribly dehumanizing and soul-killing about that. I must confess to you... the people I've met who've come out of those environments are incredible. Amazing! To a person, they are full of wonder and worthy of love, admiration, and respect. I love helping people progress out of this false humility into a healthy place of confident self-awareness where they see themselves as they truly are: amazing people who can be confident in themselves and live out loud in the world. This is the way I feel towards the members of The Lasting Supper. I want you to join us. They are amazing people. Believe me, you will start to feel better about yourself, and you will be surrounded by friendly people who will help you on this necessary and joyful journey. Check us out HERE.
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