The Four Clergy

"The Four Clergy" cartoon by nakedpastor David Hayward


The CruciFiction: I felt lost, so I looked for one who said he was the way. I felt confused, so I searched for one who said he was the truth. I felt dead, so I needed someone who said he was the life. I felt disconnected, so I joined myself to one who said he'd find me God. The time came when I realized, each time, that I was already there, that I was already wise, that I was already alive, that I was already here, now, full of and immersed in all I sought. They served a purpose beyond their intentions. They thought I would settle with them. Instead, I moved beyond and ended up with myself. Everything I needed was within me. Is within me. Always was within me. And always will be. Forever and ever. Amen.
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