The Fundamentalist Mindset

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The Fundamentalist Mindset

Conversion to the Fundamentalist Mindset
The Fundamentalist Mindset


The fundamentalist mindset can be found in any group. It finds a home in anyone from the extreme right to the extreme left.

It is characterized by the belief and assertion that I am right and you are wrong. 

It is black and white in its conclusion: I am in and you are out!

It expresses itself in arrogance, exclusivity, impatience, and cruelty.

Rather than working from the assumption that we are essentially one and united at a deep and fundamental level, and that we need to figure out a way to express this unity, it works from the assumption that we are hopelessly divided and that we must make this abundantly clear in our words and actions against each other.

Rather than uniting tribes, it devolves into a nasty tribalism constantly characterized by war.

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