The Haitian Church Project

Team of church leaders and bloggers from the USA and New Zealand. An organization called Adventures in Missions (AIM) has created the Isaiah 58 project called "church to church" which enables American churches to partner with Haitian churches. Very simple. I like the model because it is based on relationship and community rather than a donor-recipient model. I hardly ever ask my readers to give, but this is something I think is very worthwhile. I'm encouraging you to consider donating to this effort. I've been assured that 100% of the money raised is going to the Haitian churches and leaders participating in this project. It will be used to pay the salaries of a few proven Haitian church leaders who will be going on staff with AIM to run the Haitian side of the program. We are trying to raise $35,000 in the next couple of weeks. My online friend who invited me and I'm meeting down there has a press release in his site that you can read here. If you can donate, here's the link.
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